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Three months spent backpacking around Italy and Europe in a wheelchair – called Porsha, gave Anna a love for going on road trips! As a disabled person, Anna is very aware of the challenges of getting out and being able to participate in the community. She firmly believes it is good for the soul top have adventure and fun – not just reading other people’s postcards!

Anna and her brother Andrew spent a year traveling around the South Island searching out the most interesting accessible walks. All the walks were completed using Porsha, the wheelchair.

We are now planning to add the walks to the website and update the original information from the book.

If you have done a good walk please email me through the track description and a photo

Anna lives and works in Queenstown with her husband Bruce and 11 year old son Kyle. She is actively involved in improving access for disabled people in the Wakatipu region. Andrew and his wife Kirstin live in Dunedin with their two girls.

Mt Cook for Pizza

Fri 12th Apr 2019

aS+ZxXCSGm0zud8R8MS5Q thumb 2285I'm sure not many people know that the Mountaineer Cafe, Mt Cook Village is the place to go for the most tasty smoked salmon pizza and delicious coffee. You can enjoy this feast and watch the sun set on Mt Cook. Not that you can always see the amazing peaks. We have been very lucky with the weather in our recent trip on Otago Anniversary Weekend. We had a wander around the village and I wished yet again that they had at least one accessible walk. I guess I'll have to petition DOC about that. It's always fun walking around and being in such an amazing and peaceful place. Mostly peaceful. There are a lot of tourists about. We had to laugh when two black vans pulled up. Then out hopped about 20 Japanese female hikers, complete with packs and poles, who took off energetically into the sunset. Maybe they were CIA agents...



New Blog Post

Sat 6th Apr 2019

Otago Anniversary Weekend was a good excuse to escape to Twizel. This is the first time I've ever visited a loch. I can assure you that the only thing lurking beneath the water was escaped salmon judging from the well established fishermen sitting beside the loch.  Loch Cameron is situated right beside the Pukaki Canal,at the end of Glen Lyon Road, about 6 km from the State Highway. The Twizel Information Centre say this walk is an easy 25 min stroll. The track is a 4WD road which is pretty smooth. There is a section that is not wheelchair accessible and required us to do a two wheel manoeuver through the bull rushes! No recommended! In saying that it's still a nice place to visit and watch the birds.



Tucker Beach Trail

Sun 3rd Mar 2019


UNADJUSTEDNONRAW thumb 226fShotover Bridge 24/2/19