After our high flying wheelchair experience and abandoning the Kea Point Walk we were keen to do something achievable. We went back to the Whitehorse Camping ground and set off on the Hooker Valley walk. This is a busy walk. It's not the place for quiet contemplation of the stunning scenery as you need to be able to dodge camera happy tourists in bright tight lyrcra.  The track surface was good as this is a well maintained track. We went as far as the Lake Muller Lookout and really enjoyed the views. A highlight on the way back was looking at the very rock that Freda du Faur posed beside when she became the first woman to climb Mt Cook in 1910.

Went for a frosty walk

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6th June 2013

I think I must have been slightly crazy but the lure of a hot coffee in Arrowtown persuaded me to do some of the Arrowtown Anniversary Walk with a friend. It was quite surreal walking through the frost covered trees by the river (and jolly cold!). We started by the car park, below the shops and walked to the first bridge. It took us 25 minutes return and probably would have been about 2 km in total. The track has recently been upgraded to be part of the Queenstown Trail. The surface was packed gravel and the track would have been about 2 metres wide – so plenty of room if you meet a cyclist or two and a dog! We didn’t meet anyone but that could have something to do with the fact it was barely above freezing point! The coffee at Bonjour was excellent and restored my temperature to blood level!

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Went for a sunny walk…

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Went for a sunny walk…9th June 2013

There is a historical bridge over the Shotover River that has been restored and has spectacular views of the river. Access is from State Highway 6 turning onto Tucker Beach Road and then left into the parking area. You can also access the bridge from the other side, which we did as it was the sunnier spot! From this end you turn off at Lower Shotover Road and turn left again. You drive past the original inn for travelers that has been restored and now a Bed and Breakfast. We really just went to the bridge to give Kyle a ride on his bike, as it is flat with easy access. He had a wonderful time! I’ll go back another time and see far I can get in the wheelchair as the bridge is part of the Queenstown Trail.

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