Posted by on 2 February 2018 | Comments

Akaroa is such an interesting place to visit and well worth the effort. We were actually there in late November for a family celebration. It is a windy 90 minute drive from Christchurch. Rich in history and picturesque it is fascinating to wander round and explore and smell the roses. I was very keen to do some walks and was excited to spot an "accessible boardwalk to Children's Bay." I rallied and organised my family members and we walked from the village past the recreation ground. We diverted to inspect the wharf and admire French Bay. Then we walked past the skate park and followed a track. There was quite a lip to tip the wheelchair onto the board walk, which had a medium gradient. Then after a few minutes the boardwalk track ended and became a shell covered beach path, complete with driftwood. It was tricky to navigate and a small bog to cross with a stream nearly got us totally stuck. Thanks to my brother's expert skills only he got dirty feet!  The track went back to boardwalk but a medium gradient. Nice views but not the easy accessible walk I was expecting. Total time 20 minutes.