Kinross Cottages

Posted by on 21 March 2016 | Comments

About three weeks ago on my continuous hunt for a good coffee I visited Kinross Cottages - about 20 minutes from Queenstown in the Gibston Valley. I was also thinking that this might be a good spot to link into the Queenstown Bike Trail. However, when we spoke to the manager he said it was a bit of a walk to get to the trail and on this day we were pressed for time so we took up his suggestion for a walk to to visit the old ruins. On their website it talks about the history of this site. It says:

Kinross Cottages are located on the old Kinross Station in the Gibbston Valley. It was established in the late 1860's by pioneering Otago farmer, Thomas Kinross, who ran a thriving Trading Post, farm and gold agency on this site. At Kinross Cottages, we pay tribute to Thomas and his family who were respected and hardworking members of the very early Gibbston Community.IMG 3749

The walk took about 15 minutes return and we opted to walk/wheel along the grass by the vineyards. The gravel drive way was quite bumpy in a wheelchair. It was a very nice short walk past their cottages to an original stone building which was quite intact apart from it's roof. I was amazed how thick the stonework was. And it also had a large fireplace too.

The coffee was excellent. I checked out the accessible toilet and it would have been fine it there wasn't also an extra bench in there making it tricky to wash my hands - but Kinross deserve the golden star as the staff member I pointed this out to, then got the manager to speak to us and he will remove the bench as he now realises how important that space is! Fabulous!