Tucker Beach Trail

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UNADJUSTEDNONRAW thumb 226fShotover Bridge 24/2/19

The Queenstown Trail has many opportunities to explore the Queenstown area. The section we chose starting from Domain Road heading down to the Shotover River was seriously steep.  My poor brother wore out his shoe tread slowing us down. We were in the situation where we turned a corner and saw it was steep for another long section but couldn't go back back either. It was very scenic along the river and this is a popular trail so we needed to watch out for cyclists. It was another steep climb to get up to the old Shotover bridge. The first bridge collapsed being built in 1915. The information panels make an interesting read. We continued along to the new Tucker Beach Trail. The Rotary Club have made an excellent job of this new rail. The first section has great views and we recommend going as far as the car park.  The next part of the trial is really like being on an old farm road through the scrub and tussock. You finish up by the old rubbish dump and there is not much there except a gravel car park.