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Tasman Lake Track

Rating:3 stars
Distance:0.00 km
Time:1 hour
Location:Tasman Valley, Mount Cook

The Tasman Glacier is the longest glacier in New Zealand, at around 27 km long. The recent warmer weather has meant the glacier lake,formed in 1974 has been growing rapidly fed by the melting glacier and is now around 7 km long.

The track starts from the busy car park and there is a moderate incline for about 400 m to a junction. We took the path to the right. Most people seem to walk straight ahead to the Glacier View Track, note this track has steps. The track we followed wandered through sections of matagori, and speargrass. There are some huge boulders, many covered in lichen, as you walk over the old terminal moraines of the glacier.

We got spectacular views up and down the valley. The walk is well worth the effort to reach the view of the Tasman Lake. Icebergs can usually be seen floating in the lake.


Track Conditions

There were no accessible car parks (It was a busy car park when we visited)

There were picnic tables and a shelter by the carpark but no accessible toilets.



Track averages 1.5 metres, There are a few sections of small rocks and boulders. A short section of very thick gravel.